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Request a Pass

We recently installed a new Gate Security Software Program to improve our guest pass process. The program, called CapSure, will allow you to conveniently request passes online without having to call the pass office. This will help eliminate any errors, such as passes that may have inadvertently not been processed.

All property owners have been assigned a login ID and password to access the program. Your login is the primary phone number that you provided to us. If you are unsure as to the phone number you gave us, we ask that you try inputting any and all numbers you may have (home, cell, business, etc.)  

Your password is your pin number. Please note that if you own multiple properties in PD, all properties have been combined under one primary password and pin number. You may need to call us to verify your phone number and pin.

The CapSure program contains a database of resident information that can be modified by the resident at any time. It includes information like family members, contact phone numbers, pets, a permanent visitor list, and more. Each resident is encouraged to login to their database and update their profile. This information is kept private and is restricted for use by security personnel only.

Capsure can be accessed here:

For a quick step-by-step guide for logging in, click here.

A user manual is available by clicking here.

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in or navigating the site, please contact:
Elizabeth Regan at (843) 785-1125 or